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Four Common Credit Card Mistakes

Credit cards are a great way to improve your credit score; however simple missteps in your credit card use can ruin your credit and leave you with unmanageable debt. Many people first encounter credit card trouble when they opt for short-term benefits and ignore the big picture. Cardholders are frequently enticed by flashy marketing campaigns and as a result, ignore the fine print terms of their cards.
Below are four common cardholder mistakes:
1. Credit card companies frequently offer signing bonus points to prospective cardholders. The majority of consumers do not read the fine print stating that a certain amount must be spent in a certain amount of time to receive these benefits. Consumers should be weary of increasing their spending to receive bonus points.
2. Credit card companies that use bonus points most likely have higher annual fees. A commonly used marketing tool is to waive this fee for the first year of card use. Consumers tend to disregard the fee since the first year is free and may not be able to afford it later.
3. If a cardholder is racking up interest on a card and having a hard time paying it off, it is not uncommon for them to transfer the balance to another card. Many consumers do so in order to receive a 0% introductory rate. In some cases, consumers skim the fine print and do not realize the interest on the card will be retroactive. Transferring balances from one card to another can also have a negative impact on consumers’ credit scores.
4. Department stores have been offering up discounts at the register in exchange for signing up for a store card for years. Oftentimes feeling rushed, it is common for consumers to overlook the fine print and sign off on inflated interest rates. Store card interest rates are rarely anything less than double digits; therefore consumers should forgo the discount!
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