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New FICO Program Aims to Help Consumers Improve Credit Scores

Consumers are always looking for new ways to improve their credit scores. Lenders and other financial institutions use these scores to determine whether a consumer is a risk when it comes to receiving a loan or credit so it is important that the scores reflect a consumer’s positive financial behavior. Currently, several different credit scores are available to financial institutions and lenders based on consumer behavior, but now there is one more as FICO launches its “opt-in” credit score.

FICO is the largest and arguably best-known company that provides software to calculate a person’s credit score. Originally known as Fair, Issac and Company, FICO has now become a fixture for consumer lending in the U.S, and a consumer’s FICO score is often seen as a major factor in determining a consumer’s fiscal responsibility.

The traditional way of improving a credit score has been for the consumer to exercise good financial behavior, such as paying bills on time, keeping a low balance on their credit card accounts, and avoiding spending over their given card’s limit. While this behavior is still encouraged, FICO is offering a new way to incorporate good financial data into a consumer’s FICO credit score.

This new score is being referred to as the Ultra FICO Score. It is a product created in partnership with two other financial institutions, Finicity and Experian, and allows the consumer to give these companies permission to have electronic access to certain financial information that will help boost their credit scores. This access can include data from the consumer’s bank accounts to show how long these accounts have been open, provide proof that the consumer has savings and show frequency of activity in these accounts.

For consumers who have credit scores in the upper 500s to lower 600s, it is hoped that the Ultra FICO program will help these individuals rebuild their credit, especially if they are struggling after a significant crisis in their lives. This program is expected to launch at the start of 2019. However, the access to the pilot program will be limited until approximately mid-2019.

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