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Disabled Veterans Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness Still Paying

Many disabled veterans who are eligible for student loan forgiveness are still paying on their debt, according to a recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by the Veterans Education Success. The nonprofit group filed this FOIA request on behalf of veterans in June 2018.

According to the FOIA information, the U.S. Department of Education is still seeking repayment on over $1 billion in federal student loan debt from tens of thousands of veterans who are severely disabled and have been determined to be unable to work, thus making them eligible for student loan forgiveness.  Borrowers were reportedly notified of their potential eligibility in the mail and received a Total and Permanent Disability Discharge application.

Specifically, the Department of Education has identified approximately 40,000 veterans who could have their student loan debt cancelled due to a total and permanent disability discharge. Out of that number, 25,000 of these veterans are already in default on their student loans.

Some critics of the administration believe it is because the current leadership in the Department of Education is more interested in protecting the for-profit institutions out there than students, veterans and other individuals who arguably need the protection more.

Going through a default on your student loans is an extremely stressful process, and when the person defaulting on the obligation is unable to work, already living in poverty and likely suffering from physical and emotional conditions that are debilitating, the stress is compounded even more. A default can seriously hurt that person’s credit score and can also result in the government garnishing that person’s tax refunds and a portion of their Social Security benefits. If the person is already on a limited income, this can be devastating.

The Veterans Education Success and Vietnam Veterans of American are both asking that the Department of Education automatically discharge the debt for these veterans. The current requirement is that the disabled veteran must apply to have the debt cancelled. If he or she is not aware of this program, the Department will not identify that person as someone who is eligible, which is a likely reason for the high number of defaults.

A new tax code includes a provision that waives federal income taxes on any debt that includes forgiven student loan debt for disabled taxpayers. Disabled veterans would fall under this category. If you are a disabled veteran who is interested in learning more about student loan forgiveness, you are encouraged to visit If you receive any information on student loan forgiveness for a fee, do not follow this information as it is likely a scam. This service is free and is provided by organizations, such as Veterans Education Success. To learn more email

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