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Credit Card Debt and the Effects It Can Have on Your Health

Credit card debt can be a necessary evil, especially when it comes to establishing one’s credit score. However, the problems arise when that credit card balance gets out of hand to the point where the cardholder can no longer pay down the balance. The stress of mounting credit card debt can also affect a person’s health, according to a study from

The study shows that credit card debt is taking its toll on the health and well-being of many American consumers. According to the report, fewer cardholders can pay their balances in full at the end of each month. Anything left on those balances roll over to the next month and are compounded even more by interest. Before long, those balances inch closer and closer to the allotted credit limit. One in three consumers surveyed by WalletHub reported being fearful that they will max out their credit cards.

Debt normally causes psychological stress but carrying a large amount of stress over any period can also lead to poor overall health. Many consumers worry that their balances will never get back down to a manageable amount, let alone to a point where the card can be paid off in full.

Anxiety levels also notably increase as the ratio of credit card debt to income increases. A NerdWallet study showed that nearly two in five consumers who carried credit card debt said that it significantly affected their overall happiness. One-third of those surveyed said that the credit card debt was impacting their standard of living. Even more disturbing was that one in five reported that it hurt their overall health.

All hope is not lost for those struggling to pay their debt. Focusing on short term goals, especially as a consumer gets closer to retirement, in paying down credit cards by tackling one card at a time can also help. Physical exercise is also helpful if someone is struggling with a great deal of credit card debt to the point where it is adversely affecting the consumer’s health.

As bankruptcy attorneys, we see credit card debt as one of the most common problems facing those with serious financial challenges.  It is not surprising with the high interest rates, unreasonable fees, harassing debt collection calls, penalties and never-ending minimum payments that do not even make a dent in your actual debt. We offer additional tips for eliminating credit card debt on our blog.

Filing for bankruptcy is also a viable option for those struggling with insurmountable credit card debt. Chapter 7 is the fastest form of consumer bankruptcy and forgives most unsecured debts like credit card debt, medical bills and personal loans.  There are certain qualifications a consumer must meet in regards to income, assets and expenses to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is determined by the bankruptcy means test.

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