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Americans are Dying with an Average of $62K of Debt

According to data released in December 2016 by, approximately 73 percent of consumers have outstanding debt when they die. On average, those consumers carried a total of $61,554, including mortgage debt. Excluding mortgages, the average balance was $12,875.

The data was collected by Experian’s FileOne database, which includes 220 consumers. Out of the 73 percent of consumers who had debt when they died, approximately 68 percent had credit card balances. The second most common kind of debt was mortgage debt at 37 percent, followed by auto loans at 25 percent, personal loans at 12 percent and student loans at six percent.

Most debt is eligible for cancellation after the borrower dies, such as federal student loan debt. However, the deceased person’s estate becomes responsible for most debt. If someone has enough assets to cover their debts, the creditors get paid and beneficiaries receive whatever remains. If there are not enough assets to satisfy debts, creditors lose out. In most cases, family members do not become responsible for the debt.

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