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How a debt avalanche strategy can eliminate your debt

One of the smartest and fastest ways to eliminate your debt is a strategy known as a debt avalanche.  To start, you must first take inventory of your debt- meaning you need to write down all outstanding debts- including credit card balances, student loan payments, car payments, etc. and determine the interest rates you are paying on each of the balances.

The debt avalanche strategy begins by ranking each of your debts by interest rate, from highest to lowest.  No matter the size of the loan balance, it will always be less expensive (and faster) to pay off your debts in order from highest to lowest interest rates.

For example, your interest rate on a credit card is probably going to run much higher than the interest rate on your vehicle.  Tackle those debts with the highest interest rates, first and save as much money on interest payments as possible.

Finally, if the debt inventory process reveals an overwhelming or confusing amount of debt, consider meeting with a financial expert who can discuss your options in greater detail.  Sometimes a simple debt consolidation can reduce your payments by thousands, just by reducing the interest amount.  If you fear you might be at risk of personal bankruptcy, it is best to meet with a professional as soon as possible to know exactly where you stand.  Many bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations and have appointments available on the weekend.

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