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3 Tips for Dealing with Credit Card Debt with Rising Rates

The Federal Reserve announced earlier this year that it would begin withdrawing some of the trillions of dollars it has invested since the Recession began in 2008. Although the decision is a sign that the bank is confident in the continuation of economic growth, it also means that interest rates will continue to hike. At the recent policy meeting, central bank members decided to push the target range to 1.25 percent to 1.5 percent, raising the benchmark interest rate a quarter point. This means consumers’ credit card debt is becoming more and more expensive.

Below are three tips to help you reduce or eliminate your credit card interest before the Fed increases the rate again.

  1. Try a balance transfer from one credit card company to another. Typically, credit card companies will offer you competitive rates if you inquire about transferring a credit card balance. Companies often allow you to pay a low introductory rate for a specified number of months. Before completing a transfer, ask if there is a transfer fee, and make sure the transfer makes sense.
  2. Opt for a personal loan. In recent years, many consumers are taking out personal loans as an alternative to credit cards. Although the payments are typically higher, the loans have fixed terms of five years or less and force you to get out of debt much quicker. Another selling point of personal loans is that they have fixed interest rates, which means if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, personal loan rates will not be affected.
  3. If all else fails, another alternative is calling your credit card company and simply asking for a lower rate. Your credit card company may not reduce your rate a significant amount, but every little bit helps in the long run.

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