Bankruptcy Law, Medical Debt

University of Virginia Health System Sues Patients, Putting Liens on Homes and Seizing Paychecks

Medical debt remains the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. Thousands of patients at University of Virginia Health Systems (UVA) have seen the devastating consequences of past due medical debt.

Over the course of six years ending in June 2018, the University of Virginia Health System sued former patients over 36,000 times for a sum of over $106 million. The hospital has seized wages and bank accounts of former patients and have put liens on homes and property. This information comes from a Kaiser Health News study, which reviewed UVA Health System’s court records, hospital files, and interviewed hospital officials, as well as former patients.

Bankruptcy Law, Medical Debt

What Happens When You Fail to Pay a Hospital Bill?

Countless Americans struggle to pay for their medical expenses every year. It only takes one major medical crisis to set a person back thousands of dollars. If that person does not have adequate savings for emergency expenses, it can be very easy for that medical bill to turn up past-due and fall into collections. This situation is an all-too common occurrence for many Americans.

An estimated 43 million American consumers reportedly carry some amount of unpaid medical debt. It is also reported that half of all debt listed on American consumer credit reports is from medical expenses, according to a 2014 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) study.